This is a good example of "Why I need a Social Media Expert/Web Master". I obviously wrote this last year but could not figure out how to post it! My apologies....but from now on you will get breaking news as it happens thanks to Margaret!

Life in Louisiana moves at a gentle pace, even now as we are threatened with Isaac, an enormous hurricane. We are well provisioned and have moved anything that can fly into the garage or tied it down. Now the wait begins. We have known for days the nature of the storm coming at us, those who evacuate have gone. Those of us who stay behind to protect property,  or because we have grown tired of evacuations, or perhaps to face down Mother Nature usually choose to fill the hours with the pleasantries of life: cooking, eating, visiting neighbors who have remained and celebrating the fact that we are a hardy people. The importance of watching out for each other can not be over rated. During Gustav my husband helped a neighbor put a tarp on his roof during the eye of the hurricane. We had noticed that an old oak had broken off a huge branch which broke through their master bedroom roof. They were not even aware that it had happened until my husband showed up on their front porch with a tarp asking if they needed help. They would have done the same for us.  Our new neighbors came over yesterday to invite us over if things get unbearable at our house...they have a whole house generator and will have air conditioning when the electricity goes out. This is just another reason we love Louisiana, the generosity of the people in times of hardship and in the good times.

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