I use lost wax, broom and cuttle bone casting. Each method produces a unique rich texture, but every design drives my choice of process. Everything is made by hand, an extremely time-consuming process.

Production utilizes time-honored techniques as well as new technologies. I indulge in lifelong pursuit of new skills so that my products will always be evolving.

The materials I use are always the finest available and I guarantee your satisfaction with my work period. My artisan jewelry is made as if I would wear it myself. Each has a slightly different appearance from the online photographs due to the creative process and, being hand made, no two are exactly alike.

All designs are inspired. Literally… I am continually astounded when faith and metal “talk” to me while I design. I believe that Truth is self evident in my work and hope to share my joy with others who are searching for something worthy of building their life upon.

Please call to inquire about carrying my work in your fine gallery, jewelry or gift store.