Each MagiAstra design begins with pencil drawings and is concieved as a sculpture. The intention is to translate emotions or concepts into metal, to create a piece that speaks to the wearer instead of telling others something about them. My vision is to bring the esthetics of sculpture to classical jewelry.


  • “Lagrimas” Bridal Set: Third in the Lagrimas Series, this piece is evocative of the process of personnal evolution in marriage. The intertwined rings symbolize the uniting of two individuals into one. Lagrimas means tears: the pearls represent tears of joy, frustration, anger and sadness which complete the cycle of emotions encountered in marriage. The triangles represent God, who counts all of our tears and also blesses holy matrimony with grace to enjoy and endure whatever life brings…for better or for worse.
  • “On His Shoulders” Cross: focuses on the tension and weight of the burden and pain of our sins on Jesus’ shoulders. The cross has been intentionally omitted to emphasize the physical suffering and excruciating horror of being crucified.
  • “Unity” Cross: The small spheres are representative of individual Christians intersecting with the life of Christ as symbolized by the cross. The Spirit of God indwells us but our human nature constantly rebels against the influence of Christ in our lives. It is a picture of the progression of Christian life. We are to become more and more like Christ, yet everyone is at a different stage in assimilating the nature of Christ.
  • “The Old Rugged Cross”: The stylized line of the body of Christ is perceived on the leading edge of the cross. The triangular construction of the Cross is symbolic of the presence of the Triune God in the act of Jesus crucifixion.
  • “Wicked Heart”: Matthew 15:18, 19 “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come from the heart. for out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness and blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man.: the deformed heart and divided tongue picture the sinful nature of man.
  • “Lagrimas” Unity Candelabra: First in the Lagrimas Series. The two candles represent a single man and woman, the center candle represents their becoming one in marriage. The double circles symbolize the wedding rings and eternity of holy matrimony. The side profile represents the arms of God embracing the marriage and the braised copper and bronze are the tears the joy and sorrows of life.
  • “Sky Rider” Candle Holder: Second in the Lagrimas Series; the profile of the original Lagrimas Unity Candelabra was the inspiration for the form of this sculpture. The doves represent the Holy Spirit who assists us when we do not know what to pray. Sky Rider is a reference to God who rides on the clouds he created. Psalms 68: 32,33 “sing, O kings of the earth? Sing praises to the Lord: There He is: Sky-rider, striding the ancient skies”
  • “Ebb & Flow” The inspiration for this ring was the concept that silver could be a jewel. The forms carved into the top of the ring correlate to the molten flow of metal. This in turn is symbolic of the course of life events as tehy ebb and flow through our lives. The pearl is added to emphasize the perception that the sphere of silver has the same jewel like appearance. 
  • “To the Moon”: A sculpture to evoke the movement of the pale orb that illuminates the darkness of our existence.